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Hi! We have received a few questions regarding the key fobs and we are here to help!

Question 1: When can we get the key fobs? - You can come Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Question 2: Where do I pick it up? - You will drive like you are going to the Community Center. Once you get to the Community Center you will see on your left a sign that says "Home Owners Association" (this is across from the Community Center pond) you will turn where that sign is and go all the way down. You will see a green building. That is us! Come on in and pick your fobs up!

Question 3: Is there an end date to picking the key fob up? - Nope! This will be all year since the fobs are also to help get into the Tennis Courts. However, we encourage you to come pick the fobs up sooner than later.

Question 4: When can we use the fob for the pools? - You can start using the fobs for the pool on May 22nd (pool 1 and 3) and May 23 (pool 2)

Question 5: When can we use the fob for the tennis court? - You cannot use the key fob for the tennis courts just yet! For now, please use the key we have given you. We will send out an email and post on Facebook when the time comes to use your fob.

Question 6: Can I use my Key Fob for both the pools and the tennis courts? - Yes! The key fob that we have given you all will be used for both tennis and the pools.

Question 7: How many key fobs do I get? - You will be given two keys per household.

Question 8: What happens if I lose mine? - Please contact us immediately. We will shut that key off. There will be a fee of $25 to get a replacement.

If you have any other questions please email or call the office! Our email is Office number is (972) 317-4151

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