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Swim Lessons

Learn to Swim with Sherry
at Highland Shores

Supervision and education will keep your child safe in and around water.

Does your child know what to do if they get tired and in water above their head? Have your child learn techniques to remain calm, not panic and get themselves to safety. 

Learn to swim with Sherry, a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, lifeguard instructor, and certified teacher, who has over 21 years of experience teaching children of North Texas to swim. 

Individual & Group Lessons Available
Beginner, Stroke Development & Stroke Refinement

Full Sessions consist of eight 30 minutes lessons . Mini Sessions consist of four 30 minutes lessons.
Mini Session Group Lessons: $82.50
Full Session Group Lessons: $165 each student
Full Session of Private Lessons: $376
Individual Private Lessons: $60 for 30 minutes

Session I Mini Lesson (Monday- Tuesday)
May 21 - May 24

Session II (Wednesday - Saturday & Tuesday - Friday)
May 25 - May 28 & May 31 - June 3

Session III (Monday - Thursday)
June 6 - 9  & June 13 - 16


To register, call Sherry at (469) 233-3619.

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