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Highland Shores has two clubs. If you would like to create a club and use the Community Center go to Contact Us and send an email.


Meet the first Friday of every month at the Community Center. It starts at 7:00pm. For anymore questions, contact Lynda Dumont.

Upcoming dates:

- December 5th

Winesburg, Ohio

- January 2023

No Meeting

- February 6th

Apples Never Fall

- March 6th

The Midnight Library

- April 3rd

Kitchen Confidential

- May 1st

The Mothers

- June

No Meeting

- July 

No Meeting

- August 28th

- September

No Meeting 

- October 2nd

- November 6th

- December 4th


Are you an empty Nester? Mingle with your neighbors in the 50+ group at the Community Center. New members are always welcome. Come join the fun!

Meets every second Friday of the month at 7:00pm. This is located at the Community Center. For any questions, contact Pattie

Upcoming Dates:
- January 13th
- February 10th
- March 10tgh
- April 14th
- May 12th
- June 9th
- July 14th
- August 1th
- September 8th
- October 13th
- November 10th
- December 8th

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