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Dream Board Workshop with Dawn Maynor

Sunday, January 15th at the Community Center. Please join Dawn Maynor in her well known Dream Board Workshop. This workshop will consist of 2 meditations, a visualization exercise, writing purpose statement and creating your board to take home. When you create a dream board and put it somewhere you will see it everyday, you'll be more likely to achieve your goals. This is because visualization is a powerful tool that has been used for centuries. According to Psychology today, visualization work can increase motivation, confident and even motor performances.

You will leave this workshop with a sense of Purpose, Passion and a sense of Peace knowing that you plan to follow.

Sign Up now to reserve your spot.
*All supplies are included. You can bring anything extra that you would like to have. Such as magazines, personal pictures or a journal.

Investment $55 or $50 with a friend.
Two Options: Day time or Night time

Payment Options:
Venmo: Dawn-Maynor
Apple Cash: 318-719-9699
Zelle BOA


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