Highland Shores

Home Modifications

In order to make any physical or structural changes to the exterior of your home, a modification application will need to be completed and submitted for approval. Please submit your application along with all the necessary information that will help the committee in making a decision. Please take a moment to ensure your request will meet all rules and regulations prior to submission.
All submittals require the following:
  • A completed signed modification request.
  • A plot map marked with the requested change.
  • A current photo of the requested location (i.e. backyard).
  • A sample photo of the request (i.e. landscape borders).
Completed modification application forms must be brought to the Association Management Office no later than 3pm the Wednesday before the New Construction Committee and Medication Committee meeting. Meetings are held every other Friday. Check the calendar for the next meeting.
If you need assistance on which application to use for your project, please contact the office at (927) 317-5139.