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Boo Bash is Partnering with Children's Advocacy Center

We have a Halloween Costume Party to help benefit Children's Advocacy Center. In order to get in you must bring one of these three items:

  • Board games

  • Fleece Blanket\

  • Toy

We are so thankful to have an organization like this who help provide children a safe place. Now it is our turn to give back. If you would like to come to the party the entrée "fee" is one of the gifts listed above. It is one gift per family.

What To Do:

You can bring the gift at the door of the party or if you want to bring the gift sooner you can bring it to the on-site office. When you bring the gift please have your name written down somewhere. Once you have dropped it off I will write your name on the list that you are coming to the party and have dropped a gift off.


1 Community Center Blvd, Highland Village


On-site Office. If you do not know where that is call (972) 317-5139.


This post is to give information to the residence in advance to buy a gift ahead of time.

There will be a costume contest and prizes. We will have JBs Woodfire Pizza, games and Yelibelly Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.


If you have any questions please email me at or call (972) 317-5139.


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