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Interested In Starting A New Club?

By starting a new club you will have monthly access to the Community Center as well as an area in The Shoreline to advertise your meetings and events.  The proposed club would be for residents only and must be non-profit making in nature.  All clubs MUST be approved by the Highland Shores Board of Directors.

If interested in presenting an idea to The Board, please call Tracy at 972.317.5139 or e-mail shoreline@highlandshores.net.

Highland Shores offers many options for both Men and Women who are interested in playing tennis.  For more information visit the Highland Shores Tennis website at http://carrieliu2.wix.com/hsproshop or contact Katy Fisheratkatyoneil5@hotmail.com orKathleen Prahl at katprahl@hotmail.com.

Adult Tennis

This club is for singles and couples ages 50 and up.  Monthly games/activities and potluck! A great way to meet your neighbors too!  For more information, please contact Lois at 972-317-0436 or Pattie  at 972-672-9560 orpjchaidsiak@gmail.com.   

Nifty Fifty Plus Club

This club meets on the first Thursday of each month, 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center.  A list of books can be found in the current issue of 

The Shoreline newsletter.  For more information, please contact Ellen Hakalaat ellen.hakala@gmail.com.

Book Readers Supper Club

Highland Shores Swim Team

The Hurricanes Swim Team runs from Late May until mid-July each year. 

It is open to Highland Shores residents aged 5-18 years old.  Contact

Mary Nordlund  at 972.978.1827 for more information.

All Clubs must be approved by the Highland Shores Board of Directors.

Proposals can be emailed to

Tammy Hatter at thatter@ccmcnet. 

  1. Share Parenting Stories and Tips
  2. Simple Steps to Healthy Family
  3. Families: Family Fitness
  4. Quiz: What's Your Parenting Style?


This club meets the first Monday evening of every month at the Community Center. A list of books can be found in the current issue of The Shoreline newsletter.  For more information, call Lynda DuMont at 972-317-5026.

Highland Shores Book Club




Highland shores Owners Association